Report Snapshots

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Extras → Statistics & Reports → Reports.

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Report snapshot functionality in HostBill allows to create snapshots: generate reports in a given time period and store them on a server and optionally send them to staff. Thanks to this option, you can get historical data, add it to admin area widgets and compare the results in time. 

Create auto-snapshot report data

After setting report (as described here) proceed to section 5. of the report editor. Here you can enter:

  • Snapshot name
  • Frequency:
    • On demand
    • Daily at certain hour
    • Weekly on certain day, at certain hour
    • Monthly every X days, at certain hour
  • Target:
    • None - just save report data to db
    • Save to filesystem for later download
    • Email to staff members 
  • Data to retain - set 0 for unlimited

Note: When creating snapshot currently selected columns/params/conditions will be used. Changing them after snapshot is created will not affect previously generated snapshots.

Additionally, when generating the report, you can choose the option "Generate report & store results" which will save the results as a snapshot with frequency on demand and unlimited data to retain, saved to filesystem.

All automatically generated snapshots are listed in a new tab: Report Snapshots. In the listing you'll find the snapshot details including the date when it was created, the date of the last export, and the number of exports created.