You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Extras → Statistics & Reports →  Statistics.

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HostBill gives you access to statistics related to the income, sign-ups and support tickets. You can choose the period of time for which you want to display the statistics.

Statistics are divided into a few groups:

Income statistics

Income statistics display data related to your income. Please note that these are gross income statistics and do not include gateway fees. Available statistics include:

  • Yearly income

  • Current Month Income

  • Yearly income by country

  • Monthly income by country

  • Yearly income by service

  • Monthly income by service

  • Yearly income by gateway

  • Monthly income by gateway

  • Monthly revenue by App
  • Yearly revenue by App

Sign-up statistics

  • Yearly Sign-ups

  • Current Month Sign-ups

  • Yearly Sign-ups by country

  • Monthly Sign-ups by country

Support tickets statistics

  • General  - lists number of tickets per status

  • Yearly new tickets

  • Current Month new tickets

  • Replies by staff in year

  • Replies by staff in month

  • Ticket tags per year

  • Ticket tags per month