How to Install SSL Certificate for HostBill Enterprise

To install valid SSL Certificate on VPS/Server where HostBill Enterprise is installed:

1. SSH to your HostBill Enterprise server as root:

2. Edit file:

  • Change server_name to domain name that you have issued the certificate for.
  • Change "listen 80;" to "listen 443;"
  • Add line "ssl on;"
  • Provide path to your certificate and private key files like:
    ssl    on;
    ssl_certificate    /etc/ssl/your_domain_name.pem; 
    (or bundle.crt)
    ssl_certificate_key    /etc/ssl/your_domain_name.key;
  • At the very top of mentioned file add following section:

  •  Save changes

3. Edit file: /etc/nginx/locations/hostbill.conf

Below the line "fastcgi_pass;" paste:

fastcgi_param HTTPS 'on';

4. Optionally, redirect all traffic from port 80 to 443.
To do that, add following lines at the top of /etc/nginx/conf.d/main.conf

5. Restart webserver & php-fpm: