Moving Mysql DB from numerical database to alphanumerical one

Old enterprise platform (Enterprise installations up to Jan 2016) kept HostBill database in numerical format, which is hard to manage in some tools.
Below you can find short how-to move database to more user-friendly "hostbilldb".

1. Login to your HostBill server as root. Proceed to HostBill includes directory:

cd /home/hostbill/public_html/includes/

2. Check database name to create dump of:

 cat config.php | grep db_name

Sample return: >$db_name = '1408513157';

3. Copy database name, create dump

 mysqldump 1408513157 > /root/hbdump.sql

4. In console, create new database, user and password to this user. Make sure to enter your own secure password in commands below:

mysql -u root
create database hostbilldb;
CREATE USER 'hostbilldb'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'strongpassword';
GRANT ALL ON hostbilldb.* TO 'hostbilldb'@'localhost';

5. Move database dump to the newly created db

mysql hostbilldb < /root/hbdump.sql

6. Point HostBill to the new database, by updating $db_ variables in file: