Currency & Tax Settings

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → General Settings → Currency & Tax Settings


Running multi-branch business puts entirely new challenges on your billing department: using different currencies and taxation rules. HostBill tackles this problem with its features – automatically updated currency exchange rates and multiple tax rules/levels – just to name the few.

Main Currency

HostBill provides you with the list of pre-configured currencies from which you can choose one or set-up custom currency.

Update recurring prices on currency rate changes

With this option enabled all currency exchange rate changes (either automatic or manual) will result in updating recurring prices.


Provides quick preview of how prices will be presented.

Currency Display Format 

Controls how prices are formatted in admin and client areas.

Main Currency ISO code

 3-letter code from ISO 4217 table.

Main Currency Suffix

Symbol or letter code used after price, e.g. 10 USD, 10 EUR.

Main Currency Sign

Symbol or letter code used before price, e.g. $10, £10, ¥10.

Digits before decimal point

Number of digits before the decimal point. Default = 10. Increasing this number will take more db space.

Storage Decimal Places

 Number of decimal places you can use to setup pricing in admin area.

Display Decimal Places

Number of decimal places to display. Prices will be rounded up to selected precision when ordering or generating invoices.