You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → General Settings → Billing → eCheck/ACH/Bank/SEPA


eCheck/ACH/Bank/SEPA section allows you to configure options for clients bank details storage and management.

Note: Clients are able to manage their bank account details only if eCheck/ACH payment module is enabled.

Available options

Allow bank details storage 

Controls whether bank details should be stored in the database or not. Choose if you want to:

  • allow saving bank details for later use

  • do not store bank account details in database

Allow to remove bank account details

Controls bank details client functions. Choose if you want to allow you clients to completely remove their bank account details. Please note that this may affect for example recurring payment collection.

Charge bank accounts

This feature controls how bank transfer payment are captured. You can let clients pay manually or enable automated payments X days before the invoice due date. 

If you enable automatic payment collection you can choose to:

  • attempt only once to charge

  • enter number of charge attempts per day.

You can also allow client to enable/disable autocharge.