Smart Search

You can find this section in HostBill Admin Panel → Smart Search bar (top right)

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HostBill Smart Search feature provides efficient search through your HostBill installation. It searches within tickets, invoices, accounts, domains, orders, clients and more matching your query.

Using Smart Search

The search results are divided into categories. Next to each category you will see a number of search results given. The categories are:

  • Clients
  • Client Contacts
  • Orders
  • Accounts
  • Domains
  • DNS
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Transactions
  • Tickets
  • Products
  • Affiliates

When searching for clients, Smart Search will provide information which attribute matches the searched phrase. For example when looking for an company information, the search will provide email addresses matching

Search options

Clear Cache and Search Filters - this function allows to clear the cached settings/filters

Max Results - you can define the number of results per search

Search in - this option allows to narrow the search to chosen categories

Sort by - this option allows to sort the search results by: 

  • ID
  • Alphabetically
  • Chronologically

Addtional Options - enable to search:

  • Only active accounts
  • Only active clients
  • Search in ticket replies
  • Search in invoice contents
  • Search in estimate contents