Moving HostBill to different location

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to move HostBill from one domain/server to another, or simply to put it in a subdomain. You can easily do so by following steps below:

Moving files

Copy all HostBill files from your current location to the new one and make sure to set proper CHMODs after moving:

  • templates_c to 777
  • attachments to 777
  • downloads to 777
  • admin/cron.php to 755
  • admin/pipe.php to 755

Moving database

Once all files are in the new location it's time to move the database.

  • Create dump of your current HostBill database using your control panel of choice, phpmyadmin or mysqldump command.
  • Create database at the new location and use your backup to fill its contents

Once the database is in place make sure to update /includes/config.php in your new HostBill location to match the new database access details

Updating license details

If your license domain / IP or location has changed you need to update our licensing system with new values. To do so: