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SSD Emulation (KVM Only)
Enable if you want drives to be presented to the guest as a solid-state drive rather than a rotational hard disk.  Some guest OS will require this to be able to issue TRIM commands.
Note that this option is not supported on VirtIO drives.

Discard (KVM Only)
Select if you want to enable discard/trim on VM disks. When enabled


Cloud-init Section (KVM Only)


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Select if you want to enable cloud-init configuration for client VM.


  • Default - defined by OS
  • Use username generated for account
  • Use custom username - defined in additional field


  • Option to Allow client to provide ssh-key during order


  • none - password will not be set.
  • Use password generated for account


  • Use default settings (from proxmox)
  • Use nameservers from related Hostbill App Connection