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Use DTAUS integration to provide your clients the most common payment way in the Germany!

Configure DTAUS Integration

Client Order with DTAUS Integration
Import transactions to file

Notice: this module is deprecated and no longer supported by HostBill

DTAUS step by step configuration with HostBill

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After you gather all the necessarry information from your bank (Bank code, Account number, Bank name) you can start configuration in the HostBill!

1. Activate DTAUS payment gateway at Settings->Modules and search for "DTAUS"

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2. Activate DTAUS Integration addon at Extras->Plugins->Inactive
3. Then you need to fill all the configuration fields: 

Code Block
BLZ Dateiempfänger
Name Absender
Kontonummer Absender
Send notification emails to - You will be notified about every transaction made by the clients with this email.
Incremental Value - It is used for the dtaus file name. For example if you will setup 150 the file will be named dtaus_file_000150.txt and will be increased for next import.



NOTE: Module works only with the EUR currency ISO code !

Important! If you wish to change the language of the client payment area you need to edit following file:



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DTAUS Integration in action - Import to file

After you will get transactions from your clients, you need to import the DTAUS file with transactions from the HostBill.

To proceed please go to Extras -> DTAUS Integration from your HostBill admin area menu to get to the transaction management area.

To import, please select transactions and click "Import" button. In this area you will be also able to Mark/Unmark as Imported, Delete and Filter the transactions.

DTAUS Integration in action - Client Order

When your client will decide to pay with DTAUS, he will be redirected to the payment area similar to the Credit Card payment area.

He will be able to use the old bank details that he has used the last time or provide new.

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