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For more generic product configuration details including price, automation, emails settings refer to Product Configuration article.

Importing IPs to IPAM


IPAM module is shipped with free Virtualizor IP importer plugin (module name: IPAM Virtualizor) that allows to automatically import all IP addresses from your Virtualizor installations and have them listed within IPAM.

Additionally this module reacts on any IP changes made by customer from HostBill client portal (like adding/removing IPs from virtual machine) and each change like this is then reflected in IPAM. This way you will have easy access to information about which IP is assigned to which account/client from IPAM interface. 

Activating the importer

If you've already installed IPAM plugin:

  1. Proceed to Settings → Modules in your HostBill
  2. Search for IPAM Virtualizor in module search bar
  3. Activate IPAM Virtualizor module.

Importing IPs from Virtualizor

  1. Once additional module is activated, click on Add new list in the IPAM interface.
  2. You will be presented with regular subnet form, with a new tab IPAM Virtualizor.
  3. Select connection you've defined in Settings → Apps with your Virtualizor module.
  4. Click Test Connection to verify if IPAM can reach your Virtualizor.
  5. Start import to start import process.

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Import is time consuming task, so IPAM will perform it in background. You can track progress of background tasks in Extras → System Logs → Task Queue Log

Product configuration

The following options can be set in the product configuration:

  • Remove subnet - If IP pool is removed from Virtualizor, cron will remove associated subnet from IPAM.

This option can only be selected if IPAM contains subnets that exist in Virtualizor. All subnets that do not exist in Virtualizor will be deleted.

Configuring Client Functions