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  • Q: I've enabled metered billing, but nothing shows in account details - metered tab?
  • A: Data is fetched by cron once a day, please wait and make sure that Cloudstack usage service is working correctly
  • Q: How to set-up overage billing for certain variable? Ie. I wish to bill for bandwidth usage over 1000MB
  • A: For Traffic variable in Metered pricing settings use Overage pricing scheme. Set up first tier for unit price 0, ending QTY to free traffic amount. For second tier set up your price per overage


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  • Q: How to modify clientarea theme for Cloudstack?
  • A: If you wish to edit templates for Cloudstack, they're located in /includes/types/cloudstacktype/clientarea. Make sure those files won't be overwritten with upgrade

  • Q: When a HostBill customer account is created and a new order is placed HostBill is creating “client5_1” as the account name. if the same customer places a second order it creates another account “client5_2”. Is this a bug?
  • A: This is not a bug. Multiple orders creates multiple accounts in HostBill, each account being separate username in Cloudstack. Configure Cloudstack product in HostBill for cloud to allow customer purchase one package and create multiple machines under it.

  • Q: Every time a customer places a new order HostBill is creating a New offerings within Cloudstack. Is this a bug?
  • A: This is not a bug. HostBill creates separate offering for each customer to allow custom limits just for one customer. This way client can adjust resource limits without disrupting other customers created using Cloudstack Module

  • Q: What is the difference between Cloudstack & Cloudstack v2 ?
  • A: Cloudstack module should be used for Single VPS or Cloud packages that are billed with flat-fee or billed with metered billing. Use Cloudstack v2 to make use of Flavor (Size-based) Billing

  • Q: Can customer as a user upload a new template from into Cloudstack HostBill frontend?
  • A: Currently it's not possible.

  • Q:  I can see that we can specify or let the customer choose the Port Speed in Mbps. If we set the port speed to 20Mbps, does that mean that is the fastest speed the customer's virtual machine can reach? 
  • A: Port Speed option in HostBill product configuration is used to setup CloudStack Network Rate limit for Compute Offering.

  • Q: Is there a way to configure the product to bill them for bandwidth overages? 
  • A: Yes, use Metered Billing Setting up metered (Resource-based) billing for CloudStack