Product Configuration: Package bundles

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Package Bundles in HostBill provide the ability to create a product with two or more services as one package. With package bundles you can set collective price and possible pre-filled values of configurations for each included item.

Bundle features:

  • multiple products under one package
  • multiple domains
  • multiple addons
  • hosting product fully configurable
  • option to allow configuration from cart
  • create bundles that are valid for selected period of time
  • price generated from included items
  • option to set fixed price
  • option to include discounts

Bundle billing

There are two ways to set bundle price and billing options.

Fixed price / billing settings

By selecting "Set fixed price" option you can set bundle pricing just like for the 'normal; product. It will allow you to define which cycles should be available and for what price.

Collective price / Enabled billing options

This is the default option for bundles, which will sum prices for items included in the bundle. Each price change that you make for those items will be automatically reflected in that bundle price. You can control which billing cycles will be available by changing them in item configuration: just click that item name or pencil icon, select which cycles you want to offer and save your product settings.

This option also allows adding discounts for the bundle. You can set the percentage or fixed discount amount, or you can use a coupon code.

Creating bundles

Creating bundles is very similar to creating normal products. Go to Settings → Product & Services and create new order page. Enter a name for it, from product types select Package bundles and save.

Add new product - set your bundle name, provide the description and choose which items will be included in it.

Adding items to bundle

To add an item to the bundle, select whether it should be a normal product, domain or an addon, and select that item from related dropdown list - this will add that item to a list below.

Each new item will be added to the end of this list. The list is sortable, order of the item is later reflected while provisioning - first are created items that are on the top of the list.

From this position you can open item configuration by clicking on its name or pencil icon.

Item Configuration

Each item has cycle/period settings which can be enabled or disabled. For products and addons you can choose available billing cycles - those settings will change bundle price if it's calculated automatically.

Products additionally can be preconfigured if they have some sort of customization options, you can also select which fields should be exposed in the cart.

Time based validation

If you wish to offer this package only for a given period of time, you can use Time based validation feature - you will find this option right under tabs. It will add two date fields, you can use both or just one of them.

If all products from bundle category will exceed their time limitations, that category wont be listed in client area any longer.

Bundle provisioning

Bundle activation

Bundle when activated will assign all included services, addons and domain to the client profile. Each of those items is a separate service and can be managed like any other regular account.

Addons that were added as items will be assigned to the main bundle account, addons that were configured under bundle items will be assigned to related accounts.

Recurring billing

Recurring invoices are generated only for main bundle account, sub services are set up with no recurring charge.

Suspending / Terminating account

Actions like suspend, unsuspend and terminate are executed on all items included in bundle.