Error: "Your CRON job for HostBill doesn't seem to be working, please verify"

Some of you may encounter such error in your HostBill installation.

As the last step of HostBill installation you need to a properly functioning cron job. Create a cron job pointing to the /admin/cron.php file set to run every 5 minutes.

*/5 * * * * php -q /path/to/hb/admin/cron.php

However, sometimes even those settings the Cron error persists. In such situation you need to check your PHP.

PHP is sometimes installed as two separate installations, one for PHP-cli (this one is used by Cron and for manual invocations through SSH), other for apache/web. One for web apparently has ionCube loaders installed, but it may be that PHP-cli doesn't have ionCube enabled.

If you are not sure if PHP-cli has ionCube, you can test this by executing Cron line manually from cli.

Other possible option for wrongly working Cron is a wrong Cron CHMOD. It should be at least 755.