Google Authenticator


Google Authenticator Plugin is a free HostBill plugin shipped with every version that allows your customers and staff members to enable Two Factor Authentication in their accounts in an easy and convenient way.


For module/codes to work properly its crucial that your server time needs to be correct/in sync with ntp

Activating the module

  1. The plugin is free and available to all HostBill users. In order to activate the plugin go to Settings→ Modules→ Plugins → Inactive, find and activate Google Authenticator plugin. 

  2. Once the plugin is activated you will be directed to Settings→ Modules→ Plugins to configure the module.

Module configuration

This module does not require additional configuration.  

Once customer/admin has enabled Two Factor Authentication, in their profile edit screen they will see QR code to scan with iOS / Android Google Authenticator app:

Once successfuly configured, after login, customer/staff member will be asked to enter their time-based security code, generated by Google Authenticator mobile app:

The module can be easily deactivated at any time: by admins in My Accounts section, by clients in Security → Multi-factor authentication