Emails: Using Mailgun to send emails from HostBill is API-based service for bulk email senders - with HostBill you can also use it with ease to send emails from HostBill!

HostBill will make use of SMTP Mailgun service.

Getting login credentials from Mailgun dashboard

  1. Login to your Mailgun dashboard
  2. Proceed to Domains tab
  3. Select domain you wish to use to send emails from
  4. Copy SNMP login informations:

Configuring HostBill

  1. In HostBill admin panel proceed to Settings → General Settings → Mail
  2. Select SMTP as mailer type
  3.  Enter:
    1. SMTP Email address use Default SNMP Login from mailgun
    2. SMTP Hostname enter tls:// port: 25
    3. SMTP Username use Default SNMP Login from mailgun
    4. Password use Default Password from mailgun

Your HostBill will now use reliable Mailgun service to send emails.