Forms: Slider Sequenced

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → Products & Services → Your order page → Your product → Components → Forms → Add new form field → Qty → Slider Sequenced.

Table of contents


Slider Sequenced is one of the Form fields where you can provide custom steps/increments in the slider.

To save configuration time you can use one of the premade fields:

  • IP Addresses

Basic settings

In the Basic settings section you can configure:

  • Field name -  the name for this field

  • Required field - choose if you want the field to be required to proceed
  • Description - optionally you can add the description for the field
  • Form group 


You can charge your clients for choosing this value by checking Enable pricing options field.

There are two pricing models available:

Regular pricing

In regular pricing the cycle is set as the main product. You can also set:

  • Price
  • Setup fee
  • Upgrade fee - flat fee added when client upgrades or downgrades this form.

Resources pricing

In Resource pricing you add add price brackets and set:

  • Starting quantity
  • Ending quantity
  • Unit price

You can also set the pricing scheme.


In the Validation section you can configure:

  • Minimum value 
  • Maximum value - leave blank for no limit

Advanced settings

In the Advanced settings section you can configure:

  • CSS Class - field container will be displayed with this css class
  • Group - supported by some order pages to group option
  • Variable name - to use in emails
  • Admin only -  if this option is enabled o
  • Show in cart - d
    • Default - show when priced or enabled in cart and not empty
    • Priced - show when selected value isn't free
    • Force - show even when it's empty or free
  • Allow Upgrades - when enabled client can upgrade after order
  • Allow Downgrades - when enabled client can downgrade this field
  • Don't discount - when enabled promo codes will not discount this field
  • Upgrade setup fee - charge setup fee on upgrades or downgrades:
    • No
    • Price difference
    • Full
  • Upgrade fee - set to non-zero value for additional flat upgrade charge
  • Downgrade fee - set to non-zero value for additional flat downgrade charge
  • Upgrade pro rata - calculate pro-rata on upgrades or downgrades

Slider settings

Here, you can configure the slider.

Slider will use minimum and maximum value from Validation tab.

Note - price (if any) is set per 1 item.

  • Slider steps - enter steps separated by a comma. Example: 1,2,4,8,16
  • Default value - set this initial value if nothing is set yet 
  • Don't charge for default - with this option on default slider value will be free
  • Show steps - show the steps under the slider

Field logic

This option allows you to control other fields appearance dependent on this field value. Note: you need to have at least two form fields created to use field logic.