HostBill DocsTable Boxes, Wizard Theme

Table Boxes, Wizard Theme

Notice: This order page template is deprecated and no longer supported by HostBill

After purchasing & downloading order page from Hostbill Licenses Client Area

  1. Extract downloaded archive contents in main HostBill directory on your server
  2. In HostBill, proceed to "Settings->Products & Services"
  3. Select existing Order Page, or create new one
  4. Click on "Edit this Order Page"

  5. Click on uploaded orderpage to activate/select it

  6. This orderpage offers some customization you can do from admin panel.
    Areas available to modify:

  7. To modify editable areas, click on "Customize", enter your custom texts:

  8. Save changes to save orderpage settings. 

You can now edit your products under this orderpage, following product description setup:

Will result in following order page layout: