Forms: Text input field

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → Products & Services → Your order page → Your product → Components → Forms → Add new form field → Standard text fields → Text input field.

Table of contents


Text input is one of the Form fields that allows to gather additional details about purchased items configuration from clients. 

Basic settings

In the Basic settings section you can configure:

  • Field name -  the name for this field

  • Required field - choose if you want the field to be required to proceed
  • Description - optionally you can add the description for the field
  • Form group 

Advanced settings

In the Advanced settings section you can configure:

  • CSS Class - field container will be displayed with this css class
  • Group - supported by some order pages to group option
  • Variable name - to use in emails
  • Admin only -  if this option is enabled o
  • Show in cart - d
  • Client edit - allow to edit this field by client after order using Client Function
  • Searchable - make value of this field searchable
    • Default - show when priced or enabled in cart and not empty
    • Priced - show when selected value isn't free
    • Force - show even when it's empty or free

Input Settings

In the Input settings section you can configure:

  • Default value - set initial value
  • Unique - with this option customer would need to enter value that was not used before
  • Regular expression - regex to validate field value against
  • Replace hostname - when enabled, value of this field will always replace account domain/hostname
  • Replace username - when enabled, value of this field will always replace HostBill-generated random account username