SolusIO - Cloud Package - post-paid billing

Configuring SolusIO Product

Configuring Flavor  

  1. Go to Settings → Modules → Plugins, find and activate Cloud Flavor Manager module.
  2. In HostBill go to Extras → Plugins → Cloud Flavor Manager → VM Flavor List, and click New Flavor
  3. Configure new Flavor by providing details:
    • Name - flavor name
    • Price per hour - the monthly charge will be automatically calculated based on this setting
    • Description -  use this to describe the flavor
  4. Save changes, your flavor is ready.

Configuring Product  

  1. In HostBill go to Settings → Products & Services, and Add new order page
  2. From Order Types select VPS Packages
  3. After creating order page add new product in it, provide its name and Save changes
  4. Change the product price type to Flavor and then configure:
    • Generate usage invoices - select the frequency of generating invoices
    • Credit Setup Fee - setup fee from initial order to client credit.
    • Setup fee - entry fee for initial order
    • Fixed recurring fee - fixed recurring charge for service to be added to each invoice.
  5. In product configuration section proceed to Connect with App, select SolusIO module and SolusIO App server.
  6. Proceed to configuration wizard and set your package limit for each step:
    • Start
      • Cloud Hosting - One account in HostBill = multiple virtual machine in SolusIO
    • Resources
      • Flavor - select the flavor configured in last step with which the VMs will be created.
      • User role - select the user role with which the user in SolusIO will be created
      • Limit Group - select the group with which the user in SolusIO will be created 
  7. Save changes, your package is ready.

For more generic product configuration details including price, automation, emails settings refer to Product Configuration article.

Configuring Client Functions   

In Products & Services → Your Order Page → Your Product → Client Functions you can control what features customer will have access to in client portal, by clicking Enable/Disable next to the given option.
Use Edit button to adjust function appearance in the client portal.

For SolusIO Post-Paid you can enable the following client functions dedicated to this module:

  1. Single sign-on - show the widget of automatic login to the SolusIO panel
  2. Login credentials - displaying the login details for the SolusIO panel

As well as number of standard client functions, such as 

  1. Change Billing Cycle
  2. Change Label
  3. Change Ownership
  4. Edit Forms
  5. Graphs
  6. Login Details
  7. Manual Service Renew
  8. New Direct Link
  9. Related Services
  10. Service Auto Renewal

Configuring SolusIO

Configuring HostBill & SolusIO Billing Integration

You can find the HostBill & Billing integration configuration on the HostBill SolusIO module documentation page

Configuring SolusIO Resources

You can find the SolusIO Resources configuration on the SolusIO documentation page

Creating Virtual Machines

To create a VM in SolusIO, go to the Single Sign-on widget in the newly created service and click the Login to VM panel button. 

You will be redirected to the SolusIO panel of the logged-in client.


  1. In SolusIO panel go to Projects → Default Project and Create Server
    • Location
    • Server Type
    • Plan
    • SSH Keys
    • User DataSet your VM details:
    • Hostname & Description 
  2. Click Create & Buy now, your VM is ready.

SolusIO in HostBill

HostBill Admin area

Administrators in the HostBill admin area can see SolusIO user details and preview used hours for each user's Virtual Machines.

HostBill Client area

Clients in the HostBill client area can see SolusIO used hours for each Virtual Machine.

HostBill Invoices

An example invoice for the SolusIO Post-paid billing service is shown below