Adding WHM + cPanel management to client portal

When using HostBill modules:

  • OnApp Cloud (v4 or higher)
  • WHM
  • cPanel (v2 or higher)

You can allow your OnApp clients with VM provisioned using template with cPanel installation to manage their WHM and cPanel accounts of this install directly from HostBill client area!

How to configure it:

  1. You will need to enable WHM and cPanel hosting modules.
    1. Navigate to Settings > Modules, find those and activate it.
    2. It will prompt you to add a server for each module but you can skip that step.
  2. OnApp Product Configuration
  • Navigate to Settings > Products & Services and select or create an OnApp product that you want to use to enable WHM / cPanel management
  • Under "Connect with App" tab select OnApp "Third party app"
  • Click on "Connect more apps" button (next to module selection)
  •  In the new tab select WHM as "Third party app" module, and from server list choose first option "OnApp: Service details provided by OnAPP module"
  • Click on "Connect more apps" one more time
  • In the new tab select cPanel as "Third party app" module, and "WHM: Service details provided by WHM module" from server selection
  • Save your product configuration.
  • Navigate to Client Functions tab, it will list functions available in all attached modules, enable those that you want to expose in client area.