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  • PHP can write to temp folder (usually /tmp) to store session data
  • your /tmp partition is not running out of space
  • if you're using Interworx with jails, the session.save_path configuration in php.ini needs to point to directory with write permissions ie: doing chmod -R 333 /session_save_path solves the problem.
  • to be sure, try clearing browser cache or using different browser

Lockout Resolve with SQL


If you find yourself locked out of admin area (unable to log-in), there are at least three potential causes of this problem:

  • Your IP has been banned due to excessive login failures
  • You/your collegue created security rule preventing your IP from log-in
  • Your PHP is unable to store sessions

If you have MySQL access you can do following:

  • Flush failed logins table, using¬†following query:
Code Block
 TRUNCATE TABLE hb_banned_ip;
  • Clear admin-defined security rules, using following query:
Code Block
 DELETE FROM hb_security_rules WHERE target='admin';
  • Make sure your php can store sessions.