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The following tutorial assumes you've read the HostBill Requirements (System requirementsHostBill Queue Performance) section and have configured your server to permit HostBill to function correctly.


HostBill has a Country Profile feature to get you started. You can select a profile, or click Cancel to customize your profile yourself. If you're from any of the countries included in the country profiles, it's suggested you select a country profile to speed setup. Country profiles automatically setup correctcorrect GSTHST, and VAT taxes and do some of the early stage work for you.


  1. Delete or rename the /install folder from your domain's directory.
  2. CHMOD /includes/config.php to 444.
  3. CHMOD /admin/cron.php to 755.
  4. CHMOD /admin/pipe.php to 755.
  5. CHMOD /queue.php to 755.

It's time to change your HostBill's password. Click on My Account within the HostBill administrative control panel located at the top right and edit your admin settings. Choose a strong password, then click Save.

And to finalize setup, you'll need a properly functioning cron job. Create a cron job pointing two cron jobs:

  1. Pointing to the /admin/cron.php file set to run every 5 minutes.

    Code Block
    */5 * * * * php -q /path/to/hb/admin/cron.php
  2. Pointing to queue.php to run every minute.

    Code Block
    * * * * * php -q /path/to/hb/queue.php

You're now ready to start using HostBill. Refer to the security guidelines for further enhancements.