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This option allows you to configure your data retention policy - decide how to record and store various client data. It's divided into a number of sections:


In this section you can:

Automatically archive inactive client profiles after X months since last payment - "archived" clients can no longer login to the client area

Automatically remove archived client profiles after X months since it was archived

Automatically remove "empty" client profiles after X days  after X days since signup, where Empty profiles are client profiles that do not have any paid invoices, active hosting account, registered domain or unclosed support ticket. The condition to delete the empty client profile is the registration date.

Automatically remove "inactive" client profiles after X months since last payment, where Inactive profiles are client profiles that do have paid invoices on file, but do not have any active account/domain or unclosed support tickets. The condition to delete the inactive client profile is the last payment date. Note that this will delete invoice/billing data so you should enter minimum number of months that is required to retain billing data for in your country. 


In this section you can:

Automatically remove cancelled invoices after X days remove cancelled invoices after X days since due date.


In this section you can:

Automatically remove cancelled orders after X days  after X days since creation.

Automatically remove fraud orders after X days  after X days since creation.

Automatically remove pending orders after X days  after X days since creation.

Automatically remove order draft after X days  after X days since creation. Note that order draft with an estimate will be removed only if estimate is Dead.

Orders with active services, paid invoices or accepted affiliate commission will not be deleted.


In this section you can:

Automatically remove cancelled accounts after X days  after X days since last change.

Automatically remove terminated accounts after X days sine termination. If you enable this option HostBill will remove: account  account billing / general data, account  account logs, related  related local vps cache data (if any), account  account addons information (if any), account  account relations (sub/parent relationships), account  account tags. Related  Related invoices and orders will not be removed. The account removal will be logged.

Automatically remove cancelled domains after X days  after X days since last change.

Automatically remove expired domains after X days  after X days since expiration.

Client Deletion Handling


The admin can Allow clients to delete their accounts. If you enable this options, the Client  Client summary section in client portal will display a button: Delete my account / forget my data enabling the client to remove the account and their data. 

If you enable this option, once your client requests for their account to be removed, the account will get 'Pending removal' status.

In Deletion delay section you can choose the number of days to wait before permanently deleting accounts with 'Pending removal' status, to give your clients the ability to change their mind or to react if account removal request was started by mistake.

Client Export/Report Settings


The admin can define which information should be included in the json data download file, apart from the client personal information. 

Tick the relevant checkbox to choose the information that you want to include:

  • client contacts
  • client accounts / services
  • client domains
  • client change log
  • client transactions
  • client invoices
  • client tickets

GDPR Details template


HostBill gives you the opportunity to customize documents in an easy and convenient way. You can modify the GDPR details template and customize variable fields by clicking Customize button next to GDPR Details template.