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You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → Products & Services → Your order page → Your product → Components → Forms → Add new form field → Multiple selection fields → Dropdown with quantity input.

Table of contents

Table of Contents


Dropdown with quantity input is one of the Form fields, where customers will be able to choose one from number of values, and specify number of those items.

To save configuration time you can use one of the premade fields:

  • Operating system
  • Bandwidth
  • Control Panel
  • HDD
  • RAM

Basic settings

In the Basic settings section you can configure:

  • Field name -  the name for this field

  • Required field - choose if you want the field to be required to proceed
  • Description - optionally you can add the description for the field
  • Form group 


In the Values section you can add dropdown values or use pre-made values.

For each value added you can configure:

  • Value passed to App
  • Value description
  • Enable pricing option - you can charge your clients for choosing this value:
    • Price in a given cycle
    • Setup fee
    • Upgrade fee

You also have a toggle option to hide value from the order page. 


In the Validation section you can configure:

  • Minimum value 
  • Maximum value - leave blank for no limit

Advanced settings

In the Advanced settings section you can configure:

  • CSS Class - field container will be displayed with this css class
  • Group - supported by some order pages to group option
  • Variable name - to use in emails
  • Admin only -  if this option is enabled o
  • Allow Upgrades - when enabled client can upgrade after order
  • Allow Downgrades - when enabled client can downgrade this field
  • Show in cart - d
  • Don't discount - when enabled promo codes will not discount this field
    • Default - show when priced or enabled in cart and not empty
    • Priced - show when selected value isn't free
    • Force - show even when it's empty or free
  • Upgrade setup fee - charge setup fee on upgrades or downgrades:
    • No
    • Price difference
    • Full
  • Upgrade fee - set to non-zero value for additional flat upgrade charge
  • Downgrade fee - set to non-zero value for additional flat downgrade charge
  • Upgrade pro rata - calculate pro-rata on upgrades or downgrades

Field logic

This option allows you to control other fields appearance dependent on this field value. Note: you need to have at least two form fields created to use field logic.

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