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  1. Access Control Panel - aith one mouse-click customer will be able to login into Control Panel from clientarea.
  2. Access Webmail - aith one mouse-click customer will be able to login into Webmail from clientarea.
  3. Reset Password - allow customer to reset the service password, new value will be sent to the customer over email.
  4. Access Reseller WHM Panel
  5. Account Usage / Info
  6. Add-on Domains
  7. Backup Management
  8. Cron Jobs
  9. DNS Management
  10. Database Management
  11. Domain Aliases
  12. Domain Redirects
  13. Email Management
  14. Email forwarding
  15. FTP Management
  16. Login to File Manager
  17. Login to phpMyAdmin
  18. SSL certificates
  19. Sub-domain Management
  20. Unblock IP Address - allow clients to remove IP blocks from cPanel firewall.
  21. iFrame - embeds cPanel feature in a client portal frame - this function can be enabled multiple times for each feature.

    titleSupported Browsers

    This feature works only on: Firefox, Safari. Chromium-based browsers (GoogleChrome / MS Edge) are currently not supported

    To use iFrame function, option "Use X-Frame-Options and X-Content-Type-Options headers with cpsrvd" needs to be Off in WHM Tweak settings
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As well as number of standard client functions, such as