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System Requirements


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 Virtual Private Server(VPS) with:
 [] OS:           Linux
 [] Distribution: CentOS 6.06 Final
 [] Arch:         64bit
 [] Public IPv4 IP Address
 [] 512MB RAM 
 [] 5GB Disk Space


 1) Download "putty.exe" from 
 2) Open "putty.exe"
 3) Enter VPS's IP Address and connect.

Install wget

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[root@server ~]# yum install wget

Set hostname for VPS.

If you own domain: you can set your subdomain for PowerDNS to


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[root@server ~]# hostname

Download & Run installation script

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  [root@server ~]# wget
  [root@server ~]# bash

After Installation

  • Copy installation details output
  • Proceed to HostBill adminarea -> Modules, use search to find PowerDNS module
  • Activate PowerDNS module
  • Enter connection details
  • Use "Test Configuration" button to check if module is working
  • Once App is added to HostBill you can define your DNS packages under Settings->Products & Services