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DomainDNS module is the "brains" behind automated DNS zones creation on your DNS servers for customer Domains and/or hosting packages. It is useful if you want to provide DNS management trough your own servers.

Supported by all our HostBill DNS modules. PowerDNS, cPanel DNS, OnApp DNS, etc.

DNS Package

To make automated DNS zone creation works, start by creating DNS package/product. This product can be hidden from customers, or free - it is used as connector and configuration reference for creating zones on actual DNS server.

  • Use one of supported DNS servers under Connect with app.
  • Make sure to enter your Nameservers and their IPs in NS config. 
    These nameservers will be used to compare related domain's NS to figure out required action on zone (create/update/delete)

Module Configuration

DNS Service Package

Selected product defines name servers that will be used to check if domain is using DNS Servers managed by your company. It is also used when creating dns services that will allow your clients to manage their DNS zones.

In case when client already has one DNS service that uses the same package, new zones will be created under that account. Zones created by this plugin are not included in metered billing.


  • Create DNS zone - will create new zone for domain or account hostname. In case of domains, zone is created only if domain is using name servers from your dns package.
  • Remove DNS zone - deletes dns zone with all its records


  • On domain registration / transfer - triggered when hostbill is ready to register client domain, or right after successful registration. If your domain registrar requires additional info to validate domain reqistrations you should use "before" option.
  • On name server change - when domain name servers are updated and match those set in your dns package, or if domain is updated from name servers that were matching your dns package.
  • On account creation - triggered when hosting account is provisioned, but only if there is no domain with the same hostname/subdomain.

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